Get the following with every domain registration here:
  • Free domain forwarding / redirection
  • Free URL masking / cloaking
  • Free managed dns services (mx, ip, cname pointing)

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    Whois Domain Owner Lookup

        The WHOIS database will show the Internic record for who
        currently owns a given registered domain name. Thus, you can
        use it to check your current domains names status, and see whether
        any services you ordered from us recently was completed

          Check a domain name's current status here:       
        (New domains will take 24-48hrs to appear in the central database records)  
            ex.)  - Read Below...
          You Can Use WHOIS Lookup To:
    • Check whether your domain name has been registered
      successfully in the World-Wide Internic Domain Database. 
    • Check the final expiration date of your domain.  This should
      allow you to know find out whether your "renewal order" for
      extra registration years went through successfully with us.
    • Lookup admin contact information, or to see if any changes
      you made recently have been updated. 
    • Check the DNS (nameserver) entry associated with 
      your domain.